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YouTube Homepage Video Ads

Impressive reach, creative freedom with YouTube Masthead Video Ads

It’s huge and happening! YouTube Masthead Video Ads (homepage video advertising) is the most prominent place to drive fast reach for your brand and did we mention the reach is enormous! Since its launch in 2009, the YouTube masthead video advertising has been an anchor for online media buys. Reaching a reliably wide audience in a single day, the masthead video ads help marketers get the word out, and fast – an invaluable tool when launching a product, kicking off a new campaign or raising broad awareness.

This is what the YouTube Masthead Video Ads have to offer:

  • You take over a homepage on the world’s leading video site for a full 24 hours
    in your selected country.
  • You have a massive, customizable canvas for your brand message.
  • You enjoy interactive rich media and social media links that drive huge user

All that’s needed is a YouTube video URL. The YouTube Masthead Video Ad is the highest impact in video advertising and works seamlessly across any device.

Read more about creative and technical specifications for YouTube Masthead. Find out what the key fundamentals of a creative YouTube Advertising strategy are. Remember, you may have the best strategy for your video ads, but if your video content isn’t good enough you won’t be able to reach the optimum success. Get inspired, see what masthead video ads other brands have created!

*Source Google

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