10 Fundamentals of a Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy

//10 Fundamentals of a Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy

10 Fundamentals of a Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy

Fundamentals of a Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy

Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy: Some of the most creative people in the world are on YouTube. They often build such loyal supporters because of a creative show or series idea that catapulted them to success. It can be tough to predict, but there are certain fundamentals that we’ve identified as being key to developing new ideas.

1. Shareability

Will viewers share these videos?

When it comes to YouTube Advertising, we use “shareable” interchangeably with “viral” – the idea that people watch your videos and immediately want to share them. Sharing or recommending videos is powerful because people are learning about YOU from the people THEY trust the most – their friends and family. We think people share videos partly because of what the videos say about themselves. For example, sharing a funny video demonstrates their sense of humor. Smart content makes them look smart. How will your videos make people look when they share them? What was the last thing you shared in social media? What made you share it?

Some ways to be shareable:

Be topical: When a story is breaking, join the conversation by crafting an episode around it.
Be relatable: Strike a chord with viewers on a subject they can relate to, whether it’s a broad topic like cell phone habits, or a niche topic like life in New York.
Be valuable: Try to provide practical value to the viewer. Tutorials rank among the most helpful, frequently used videos on YouTube.
Be remarkable: Upload a demonstration of exceptional talent or ability.

2. Conversation

Are you speaking directly to your audience?

YouTube is an incredibly social platform. Viewers see their favorite stars as friends. Conversation is an effective way to bond with your fans. And these bonds greatly increase the likelihood that they will champion your channel to others. Talking to the audience with your YouTube advertising campaigns builds loyalty and repeat views. As you look at series ideas, consider how to have a dialogue with your audience. Establishing great communication can mean the difference between simply finding an audience and creating subscribers who come back again and again for more.#

Some ways to be conversational:

Talk to the audience in your core videos: The entire show can consist of this element, or just a segment of it.
Talk to the audience in separate uploads: If you don’t want to have a “video blog” section, consider making supplemental videos to check in with subscribers, say thanks, or respond to comments.
Be authentic: It should feel like a conversation because it is. For full effect, it’s critical that the face of the channel comes across as real, honest, and genuine.

3. Interactivity

Can you involve the audience?

Imagine if you had the power to affect what happens in your favorite TV show – how thrilling would that be? One of the unique advantages of making content on YouTube is that you can give the audience the chance to participate. Interactive YouTube videos are effective because they show viewers that the channel is as much for them as it is for the creator. So, as you develop show ideas, see if you can involve the audience in what you’re making.

Some ways to be interactive:

Ask the audience questions directly: Be sure to respond to their answers in a subsequent video.
Ask the audience to submit ideas for future episodes: If you use their idea, be sure to give them a shout-out.
Incorporate viewer video submissions: With permission, feature clips your fans have submitted to you.

4. Consistency

Does this idea have strong recurring elements?

Top creators agree that consistency is a must if you want to build a loyal audience, but that can mean different things to different people. Some creators consistently release videos on the same day and time. Others suggest it’s all about consistent formats, so fans know what to expect. Using the same face or personality across your YouTube advertising campaigns might be your consistent element. Even a consistent tone of voice can be helpful. Regardless of how you achieve it, make specific elements of your channel cohesive when you plan your content. How can you improve consistency on your channel?

Some ways to be consistent:

Package your show format clearly: Come up with a durable idea that can sustain interest over multiple episodes.
Upload on a regular schedule: Stick to delivering videos on a certain day, and communicate this to your audience.
Feature a consistent personality: Sometimes a likeable and charismatic person can be the “glue” of the channel.
Stick to your theme: New show ideas shouldn’t stray too far from the theme and voice already established on the channel.

5. Targeting

Is there a clearly defined audience?

It’s important to know who you’re trying to reach with your videos. Is it a broad audience, or a certain community? Viewers love seeing videos they can relate to, so try tailoring your content to a specific group or demographic. This could be a large group, such as parents of toddlers, or a small niche, such as collectors of Disney toys. Either way, we’ve found that the more you can define your intended audience, the more traction you’ll get. Channels can grow quickly when they connect with passionate communities. Understand who your audience is and define specific characteristics to attract them.

Some ways to be targeted:

Target audience from the channel level:SkyDoesMinecraft is entirely devoted to players of the game Minecraft.
Target audience from the show level: Ingrid Nilsen’s channel includes all sorts of content, but her series “Get Ready With Me” targets a specific age group who is particularly interested in makeup and fashion.
Target audience from the individual video level:Sh*t Sri Lankan Mother’s Say focuses on one-off videos for a specific audience.
Target an underserved audience: Some audiences get little attention in other media; they’ll reward creators who pay attention to them on YouTube.

6. Sustainability

If the audience loves it, can you make more of it?

To set yourself up for long-term success, you need to build a sustainable operation that will maintain viewer interest over time. Think about what it takes to produce your series. If your audience really loves it, are you able to create more considering the location, the equipment, and budget? Is this a topic or type of production that you’ll continue to love well into the future?

Some ways to be sustainable:

Think light and nimble: Try to produce in a way that’s less time- and labor-intensive. Typically, the less involved the production, the longer you can sustain it.
Be realistic: Understand what it will take to produce the series, and how long it will provide content for your channel.
Block shoot: Record several videos in one day to maximize resources.
Know what’s next: Have a plan for what you’ll deliver to your audience after the current series is finished.

7. Discoverability

Will your videos surface in Search or Related Videos?

YouTube is one of the most-used search engines in the world. People pour onto the site looking for video content around all kinds of subjects. Sometimes these queries center around hot topics or trending events, like an amazing sports play, an election, or the Olympics. Other times, people search for more universal or “evergreen” information, such as how to fix a water heater or how to create a “smokey eye” makeup effect. Either way, discoverable videos pile on extra views and potential new subscribers. Think about how your YouTube channel and advertising campaigns can take advantage of trends, as well as, evergreen subjects. This can help you be found in search results and related videos when viewers are looking for more of what they love.

Some ways to be discoverable:

Build trending topics into your show: Design your series in a way that the episodes can engage trending topics in news or pop culture. Use resources like Google Trends, Twitter Trends, and sites like Trendspottr.com to find out what’s being discussed.
Make “evergreen” content: Create videos that answer common questions or solve common problems. Videos like “How to tie a tie” draw continuous traffic, day after day.
Be an optimization wizard: run a YouTube advertising campaign to get discovered and learn how to best optimize every video with effective titles, tags, and descriptions.

8. Accessibility

Can a brand new viewer fully appreciate every episode?

When looking at new series ideas, it’s worth considering that a significant percentage of people may discover a single episode through a social feed, YouTube Advertising campaigns, a search result, or a Related Video. Therefore it’s important to have videos that don’t require a lot of context. A show with “stand-alone” episodes is helpful because, if you’ve uploaded 50 episodes, those represent 50 chances for a new viewer to stumble upon your work, enjoy it, and subscribe for more. As you develop a new show idea, ask yourself if a new viewer can appreciate each episode by itself. We’re not saying you have to have a fully accessible show, but it can help a channel grow faster.

Some ways to be accessible:

Don’t tie each episode to the pilot: Design the show so that each episode doesn’t rely on a specific backstory that’s only described in Episode 1.
Show a brief recap of the situation: Create an intro sequence that reviews what the audience may have missed so they have context for what they’re about to watch.
Make a strong Call To Action pointing back to the pilot episode: Let viewers know where they can learn the backstory. Use annotations or links in the description.

9. Collaboration

Is there room to feature other YouTubers?

Nothing boosts a subscriber count faster than collaborating with other creators who have passionate fans – especially those who are making similar videos. Partnerships provide great opportunities to expose your content to new viewers who are likely to enjoy what you do, and get a broader reach for your YouTube Advertising campaigns. When the guest star promotes the video, your work is seen by another loyal audience who already knows how to use YouTube — how to subscribe, comment, and favorite videos. If they like you, they’ll subscribe to you too. Collaborating is also a great way to build relationships inside the very vibrant and active community of creators.

Some ways to collaborate:

Build a “guest chair” into your show: Design the show in a way that makes it easy and logical to have guest stars.
Reach out to partners who fit: Find creators in your genre or niche who serve a similar audience.
Be as specific as possible: YouTubers are busy with their own channels, so when reaching out, be as clear and specific as possible. A well-prepared script is often welcome.
Take care of your guests: Feature guests prominently and in a positive light. Strive to make sure they’re proud of their role in the video. They’ll promote it more if they love the way it turns out.

10. Inspiration

Is this idea coming from a place of genuine inspiration?

Top YouTube creators will often tell you that loving what you do is of the utmost importance. Not only will it give you more stamina as a creator, but viewers can identify true inspiration – or the lack of it. Therefore, you’ll want to be seen on camera as authentic, interested and, most importantly, passionate – and this comes naturally if you’re truly inspired. If you’re an individual, make videos that will make you happy. It happens to be key to building fans. If you’re part of a company, strive to make your YouTube advertising content that’s true to brand, and find talented people who are inspired by the channel’s mission. Not sure, where to start? Think about which channels inspire you and what is it that draws you to them?

Some ways to find inspiration:

Pay attention to what you love to watch: Think about what you enjoy from television, movies, news, or blogs and consider making something in the same vein.
Iterate based on what you most enjoy: Try different formats and observe what audiences like best. But also observe what you enjoy doing — hopefully they’ll be the same!
Avoid producing videos just because you think they’ll be popular: In the long run, making videos you don’t want to make will most likely lead to frustration.
For companies: Brainstorm ideas that are true to brand.

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes a creative YouTube Advertising Strategy, find out why video marketing is so important in today’s world and how to drive performance with YouTube Ads. Need more inspiration? Browse Google’s rich media gallery to see innovative creatives from top advertisers and agencies to inspire your next campaign.

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