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Drive Performance with YouTube Ads

Before we discuss how to drive performance with YouTube Ads we need to be on the same page. Performance does not mean last click conversions. Performance is about achieving marketing objectives while remaining accountable to your profitability standards.

This is our Growing Formula:

  • Your brand need to grow beyond existing marketing channels
  • Your brand need to maintain performance standards via efficient and
    transparent channels
  • YouTube Ads is a place where you can precisely find your customer,
    influence and enable them to choose your brand over others.


Businesses need to grow but marketers need to maintain performance standards.Understandably you have aggressive growth expectations as a business and are probably feeling the pressure to expand. Clearly any new
marketing you do needs to be accountable to your bottom line, support your overall performance metrics and deliver the goods without breaking the piggy bank.

To grow, we need to think holistically about your marketing strategy in terms of:

  • Last-click performing channels (search),
  • First impression channels (TV, billboard, store front),
  • Those that sit in the middle ferrying that first impression through to a last click conversion.

The goal should be that the full marketing orchestration is profitable, which allows for flexibility in ROI for the different instruments.

Drive efficient growth with YouTube Ads


The YouTube platform has evolved to be a critical element of that middle part of the conversion journey and our advertising capabilities have matured as well enabling YouTube ads to meet more performance-centric objectives with you, the performance marketer, in mind.

Why YouTube?

  • It’s the Number 1 online video site
  • It’s the second largest search engine (behind Google).
  • It’s the third largest site.
  • Approximate 4 billion video streams per day.
  • 60 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • 42% of online shoppers use video for pre-purchase research
  • 64% use YouTube to find products


YouTube Advertising enables you to create and convert demand with solutions centred on reach, impact and results. YouTube Ads can support the full spectrum of funnel objectives, with clearly a strong emphasis on upper funnel awareness.

Specific to your objectives, with YouTube Advertising you can:

  • Reach new customers that are eager to take action
  • Impact them with formats and interactive features that enable them to take action
  • Measure and optimize along the way to deliver results

Reach the undecided, not the uninterested

Let’s start with Reach.

You need to shape your offering to fit the market. As the former McDonald’s CMO said: “It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hopes of persuading the few.” So we use a collection
of audience targeting solutions that allow you to reach the relevant audiences. These people are in limbo. Perhaps they want your product, perhaps they don’t. It’s worth investing in them – both impressions and dollars. This is not a
cold-canvas shot in the dark, it’s a calculated and informed strategy to target new business.

We have the ability to target people that have engaged with your business already online or offline — but didn’t convert (remarketing, customer match). You can find people that are similar to your best customers or strongest
potential customers but haven’t found you yet. And you can target people that are actively researching your [PRODUCT/SERVICE/BRAND CATEGORY] with intent to buy (in-market audience).

We want to go a bit deeper on our newest targeting solution, Customer Match.


Customer match is powered by the best data – your data. Your CRM data helps you understand the different types of people who have a relationship with your brand. And you use that information to address fundamental marketing challenges, including:

  • Who is buying my product and how can I get them to buy more?
  • Who hasn’t bought in a while and how do I encourage them to reconsider?
  • Who is likely to consider and how can I make them aware?

With customer match, you can leverage your customer information (including: purchase history, profiles, how they interact with your brand offline) to deliver the right message wherever your customers are, across devices. For
instance, you could use a specific customer segment from your CRM data that is your power user – and user Customer Match plus similar audiences to find their lookalikes on YouTube (and exclude any existing customers, of
course). You could also use CRM data to pitch new products and up-sell current customers. Customer Match also lets you use offline data to target online, by using any CRM data built off of store visits. It’s a very exciting solution that makes you be as granular, and in control, as possible.

Drive and pay for true engagement with TrueView format suite

Once you’ve gotten your brand in front of the right people, you also want to be sure you’re paying for their full attention. The TrueView video ad format suite ensures you only pay for true engagement:

  • Video Ads (YouTube) –We will put your impactful video brand message in front of your ideal audience. Using YouTube’s TruView ad format, you will only pay when a user views your video for 30 seconds, or to completion.
  • People watch more than a single video on YouTube. They search for their next video, they decide to watch a related video, they enter not knowing what they want to do. Use TrueVew in-display to get in front of your audience in all of these discovery moments — and only pay if someone clicks to watch your ad (the static impressions are free!)

Convert engagement to action with interactive features

You’ve reached someone who is interested in what you’re selling and the great news is they have opted to view your ad. The final piece of the puzzle is to enable them take an action (which 41% of people tend to do). We have a
collection of interactive features that convert that engagement to valuable DR action. Our strategy is to:

  • Get people to download your mobile app with Mobile App Promo.
  • Use target Cost per Install bidding to “set it and forget” and let the ad unit drive app downloads at your chosen CPI.
  • Direct people to valuable pages on your website to take further action, such as make a purchase, complete a form, research more content with the Call to Action Overlay.
  • Deliver more information or, best yet, allow people to browse and purchase from the YouTube video with Cards and TrueView for Shopping
  • Finally, coming soon, we’ll have end caps, which allow you to close your video ads with a hovering (and visually appealing) call to action — institutionalizing Call to Action Overlays and also presenting them more prominently to the user. Eventually you should be able to use these to drive people to your site, install an app, and more.

Measure impact from consideration to purchase

We’ve talked a lot about what YouTube advertising can do for you and how. But our my mind, and probably in yours as well, it all comes down to measurement and proving that YouTube ads are really driving bottom line performance.

We talked at the start about the fact that performance on YouTube isn’t about driving last-click conversions — it’s about inserting YouTube ads into your overall marketing strategy and maintaining — if not improving — your ROI. In addition to upper funnel true branding solutions, we also have tools to measure the impact of your YouTube campaigns on a collection of mid to bottom funnel metrics. They allow you to answer questions from “is my ad
moving people to consider my brand?” down to “are my YouTube ads driving unique conversions or contributing to an overall sales lift?” That’s where we use Brand Lift marketing research  tool.


Core performance metrics to track

There are a lot of questions we COULD ask and a lot of metrics we COULD measure. But here are the top metrics leading performance advertisers are using to hold their YouTube campaigns accountable:

  • Lift in brand search — compare to your historical performance or industry benchmarks
  • Presence in conversion path – is YouTube part of the conversion path in any capacity
  • Influence on conversion – is YouTube advertising uniquely responsible for incremental conversions
  • Reduction in overall marketing costs — (start celebrating)
  • Requires you to look at your marketing holistically over time to determine whether cost-per has improved.

Why use YouTube Advertising?

  • YouTube is the fastest growing medium in history!
  • It’s straightforward – All you need is a video to start advertising on YouTube – this can be any video you want your target audience to watch.
  • It’s cost-effective – You only pay when someone views your video.

How do promoted videos work on YouTube?

  • Generate buzz – Raise awareness and interest in your brand.
  • Provide education – Inform new customers about your business.
  • Build engagement – Start a conversation with your customers.
  • Drive conversion – Increase sales and positive ROI.

Where can users discover your video ads?

Users can discover videos by searching:

  • On your homepage – Adding video to your website can really benefit your business because relevant videos appeal to customers and will keep them on your site longer. It allows you to demonstrate your products to customers in a way that text simply can’t. It’s on-demand, so customers can view it anytime they want just by visiting your website.
  • By entering keywords – When a user searches on YouTube, keyword triggered videos will be shown to them with a high page position. By showing video suggestions based on their keywords, your video ad is being seen by people who are already interested in what you have to offer.
  • By clicking on related videos – When a user views your video ad on YouTube, a link to other videos you have uploaded will be shown to the right of this video. This makes it much easier for people to find your videos and learn more about your business.
  • On the Content Display Network – Your video ad can also be shown on some of Google’s thousands of partner websites on the Google Display Network. Your ads can be shown to people who have visited your website in the past, but who didn’t complete a desired action. This is an important tool for advertising which can radically improve return on investment for your marketing campaigns.