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It’s love at first sight, as she (or insert he) walks across the room. Cupid is playing his harp as your eyes meet. You manage a shy hello and introduce yourself. She opens her beautiful mouth and talks. She is still talking an hour later when your foot has developed pins and needles and your mouth is starting to twitch from the forced smile. You have nothing in common. Cupid looks dejected as you plan your escape.

You know where we’re going with this one. Your good-looking website needs to be supported by substantial and interesting content. If it’s boring, or simply not relevant nobody will stay around to be polite.

Before you put up your hand and say your son is a great writer, we’ll ask the question, “But is he a website-copywriter?” These are a special breed of creatures that have been specifically trained to understand the complexities of writing for web. Content has to be compelling, original, on target and snappy! Web copywriters know that a web audience reads differently. Unlike a library book where someone has made an effort to source the material, there is no effort involved in finding a web article. With little to no investment in the article, users are simply not prepared to give it a second chance. Copy has to hook the user before they click to another site.

When reading online, tolerance and comprehension is fleeting. It’s the website copywriter’s job to entice the reader to get to the end of the article! With a content audit of your site, we can quantify the effectiveness of your web copy.

Depending on the results we’ll suggest a re-write of certain sections or the full site.

Your website copy needs to positively reflect your business and offer relevant information to your current and future customers.

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Website Copywriting Scope of Services


Once we understand what your online goals are (sales, sign-ups, downloads, etc) we’ll do an audit of your site’s copy. We’ll examine the feasibility of your current content and project where it needs to grow.

Website Copywriting/Editing

We do not have a bulldozer approach to creativity. Nor do we automatically reject copy just because it hasn’t come from our stable. Quite the contrary! If your content is strong we are happy to suggest a few tweaks and edits.
However your content is the voice of your brand. It needs to be compelling clear and offer a clear call to action. If the content is weak, it’s in your interests to allow us to re-write your site from scratch. (Remember you’re paying us to be honest) You provide us with a brief and as with the web design we offer two revisions.