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You’ve got a brand new set of wheels! Your car glides through the traffic like a swan and you feel as free as a bird! Not for long! If your car doesn’t get regular tender loving care in the form of a car service it will grumble, grunt and
eventually give you more trouble than its worth.

At Volt Lab we are the most positive bunch of people around! We always see our coffee cups as half full. But here’s the deal, that shiny new website of yours needs constant maintenance and care, if not it will reach its sell-by- date
sooner than fresh milk left out of the fridge on a hot day!

To keep your website fresh and in tip-top condition Volt Lab metaphorically gets our hands greasy with filters, oils and spark plugs. We offer a super-fueled web maintenance service plan. Here’s what it includes:

  • Monitoring your site
  • Measuring performance
  • Testing usability
  • Measuring conversion
  • Assessing whether your site aligns with your business goals

When it comes to web trends, Volt Lab is an industry leader. We constantly measure your website against your competitors and tweak accordingly. We regularly oil and clean your site’s engine so there is no catastrophic break down along the line! Regular maintenance results in a huge cost saving – go figure! No need for a major overhaul of your site, because we’ll ensure it is constantly up to date.

Other Web Services we offer include:

Website Design
Web Copywriting
Web Audit
Ecommerce Website


Your monthly retainer includes:

  • Phone and email-based technical support
  • Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Minor design and content updates
  • Updates to WordPress or other CMS systems
  • Communication with your host provider in the event of issues
  • A monthly review and report of you Google Analytics with a list of recommendations

We provide up to 10 hours of web maintenance service each month. If there are any requested changes over and above the budgeted hours, we’ll provide a separate quote that will need to be paid on top of the retainer.



Volt Lab offers the full array of technical support for your website. We can even host your website and deal with downtime or email issues relating to your hosting account.


Fixed-price contracts benefit the supplier, not the client! Ideas grow and revolve, so why limit yourself to your earliest plans. You should be able to change your mind or make decisions based on prior learning. The price at the
beginning of this contract is based on the brief we received from you, but we’re happy to be flexible. If you want to change your mind or add anything new, we’ll provide a separate estimate to cover the additional work.