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Leveraging your video assets on the fastest growing medium in history.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, ranked after Google.  This powerful online tool engages multiple senses. Not surprising that on average  52% of users take action as a result of watching a video.

According to Google, the owners of YouTube, eight out of ten viewers prefer TrueView to other in-stream video advertising formats. Here’s why TruView will work for yours truly. You will only pay when a user views your video for 30 seconds, or to completion. As the user can select which ad they want to watch they don’t suffer from over-consumption fatigue and are receptive. Read more about the different video marketing campaign options and key fundamentals of a creative YouTube Advertising strategy. Volt Lab will zoom in to find the perfect ‘resolution’ to ensure your video advertising campaigns have optimum success.

Reach the undecided, not the uninterested.

Youtube Ads

Drive Performance with YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

Performance is about achieving marketing objectives while remaining accountable to your profitability standards.

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YouTube Masthead

YouTube Homepage Video Advertising

YouTube Masthead

YouTube Homepage Video Advertising is the most prominent place to drive fast reach for your brand.

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