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UAE Consumer Barometer Trend

Consumer Barometer shows how people around the world use the internet. It is an ever-evolving storehouse of online research and resources, where marketers can find country-specific data on consumers’ device preferences and insights into how people make purchase decisions. Marketers can also explore the role video plays in product research. And those are just a few of the tool’s capabilities. Check the UAE Consumer Barometer Graph.

A. The Online & Multiscreen World


Do people use the Internet for personal purposes?

UAE Consumer Barometer


Question asked: How often do you access the Internet for personal reasons, i.e. all non-business or work related purposes? Please think about your usage habits during the last month.
Total Respondents: 1007
Base: Total online and offline population

B. The Smart Shopper (AE)


How did people first hear about the product / offer they bought?

UAE Consumer Barometer











Question asked: Which statement best describes how you heard about the product / offer you purchased?
Total Respondents: 6897
Base: Internet users (accessing via computer, tablet or smartphone) | Answering based on a recent purchase (in select categories)

C. The Smart Viewer (AE)


In general, how often do people watch online videos?

UAE Consumer Barometer











Question asked: Please think about your usage habits during the last month. I’m going to read you some activities that you may do for personal reasons on your [smartphone / tablet / PC or laptop]. How often do you…?
Total Respondents: 873

Base: Internet users (accessing via computer, tablet or smartphone)

Consumer Barometer covers more than 45 countries and 10 product categories. A variety of simple, intuitive filters can help you create beautiful, downloadable charts and graphs for pitch presentations or to circulate within your team. And curated insights from Google marketing teams help you peel back the shopping and purchase behaviors of the audiences that determine your campaign’s success.

Get an overview of the UAE Consumer Barometer by downloading the report.

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