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Twitter Website Card for a seamless user experience

Twitter Introduces new Video Twitter Website Card which is a way for advertisers to use video to provide a more immersive brand experience direct from your Twitter feed.

The new ad format called the Twitter Website Card, which it describes as “a creative format that combines the power of video with the ability to drive users back to a site to learn more or take action in the moment.”

Auto playing video with a customizable headline, which then opens up to a larger video and website preview, and ultimately directs viewers to the advertiser’s chosen website when they tap on it are the key features of this new Twitter website card providing more opportunities for marketers to generate more direct connection with their owned properties. When opened on desktop, the URL will load as normal – the combined experience will only work on mobile device. Once the website has loaded, any scroll action down the page will pause the video, with the content resuming once you return to the top.

“For example, a movie studio that wants to launch a new movie may run the Twitter Web Card optimizing for video views on the trailer early in the campaign when their primary goal is driving awareness, and optimize for website clicks later in the campaign when the movie is in theatres and their primary goal is ticket sales,” the company says.

With the Twitter Website Card, businesses can:

  • Attract qualified consumers with immersive auto-playing video showcasing their brand’s value, product, or service before a person clicks through. Overall in the beta, the Twitter Web Card achieved a 2X higher clickthrough rate than the industry benchmark for mobile video ads.
  • Extend brand engagement beyond the end of the video with creative designed to drive consumers to your site to learn more or take action.
  • Keep consumers’ attention as they move down the funnel. On mobile, the video anchors to the top of the screen and continues to play while the website loads below it. By bridging this experience, we saw a significant reduction in the number of users who quickly abandoned the site while it was still loading. In fact, beta participants saw an average 60% increase in user retention over industry averages.

The Twitter Website Card is now available to all advertisers globally. Let us know if we can help, or read more about other social media advertising options.


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