Travel Marketing: Digital Micro-Moments

//Travel Marketing: Digital Micro-Moments

Travel Marketing: Digital Micro-Moments

Your Digital Travel Marketing Compass

Broad strokes are great for painting a large canvas, but not for understanding the nuances of digital behaviour. We zoomed Google’s data in to how digital engages with micro-moments in order to better serve our travel marketing clients. A micro-moment is when we reflectively turn to a device to act. Need to know something or want something you automatically Google it – that’s the micro-moment!

The 4 stages of travel micro-moments

→ I want to get away moments

This could be a result of day-dreaming, stress at work, or thinking of going to a family wedding, or business function.

→ Time to make a plan moments

You start calculating your leave dates, phone the dog-sitter and look at travel options and destinations.

→ Let’s book it moments

The dream is now a reality. You book your ticket and accommodation and if need be sort out passport/visas and foreign currency. (If it’s a beach destination you may just pop into a Tan-Can so you don’t look like a ghost in a swimming costume).

→ Can’t wait to explore moments:

You’ve arrived, sleep is a waste of time and you can’t wait to soak in your beautiful holiday.

Digital is the Travel Marketing Star

What all four travel micro-moments have in common is: Digital67% of travellers are more likely to book with a brand that provides relevant information to the destination they’re interested in. Remember less is more! Don’t overload the user with surplus information, this can create avoidant-behavior.

So what information do you provide and what role does video play in these travel micro-moments? Google has put the data under our microscope to offer you a detailed analysis. Read more in our Travel Marketing Micro-moments Guide. Download below:


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