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A Brand new Plan for Your Social Media Strategy

You can choose whether you want your company to have a social media strategy or not! The choice is between visibility, reach and growth, or hiding your company in a cave. If you choose to operate in a dark cavernous space
we would advise you to stock up on candles and fresh water. As for electing a strong social media strategy, Volt Lab is your beacon of light! Wishing your friends happy birthday on Facebook, and posting pics of your cat to Instagram does not make you a social media expert. Pretty much like taking a video with your smartphone doesn’t make you an Oscar winning movie director.

That’s where Volt Lab enters centre stage; you see we are Social Media experts. We’ve been there, we’re constantly doing it and we’ve got the Social Media Strategy T-shirt. We research your company, your competitors and discover who your target audience are. We track your audience down (don’t worry we are not stalkers!) We find your target market’s social media home. Where do they most hang out? On Twitter, Facebook Instagram, Tinder, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat or the latest hot cyber spot? We then match your product with your target market on social media. What do they need? What are their obstacles? How can you offer the perfect solution? Finally, we’ll uncover which social media channels are the best match for your website’s conversion process. (That’s techno speak for paid customers). Window shoppers are welcome, but the real goal is to get a consistent traffic of buyers headed to your site. To achieve this, we need to ensure that we  engage with your customers at the right time, the right online place and offer the right support. We need to make it easy for your customers to proceed to the checkout counter! Ching Ching! We all love that sound!

The earth orbits the sun and the Internet orbits the earth. To explore the Internet’s ever-changing platforms, algorithms and rules, you need a cyber- space station: that’s Volt Lab. By developing a social media strategy that is
active instead of reactive, strategic instead of tactical, we’ll put in place objectives and metrics that will make your website perform, putting you at the centre of your client’s solar system. Here are our Secret Seven Tips! (Okay not so secret).

Step 1: There is no I in TEAM

Social media impacts all areas of your company, from sales, marketing, production, customer service, legal and more. That’s why everyone has a role to play regarding social media. This is not to be confused with giving every
employee admin rights to your page – that spells Disaster! It simply means you need to be inclusive. Gems of wisdom can be gleamed from all the role players and make or break conversions. Create a team from the various departments of your company to ensure everyone knows what’s going on when it comes to your online activity. Your social media strategy needs to reflect your company’s ethos, and your company is about…let’s here it: People!

Step 2: Silent and Listen have the exact same letters!

Take the time to be silent and listen. Be cognisant of both the positive and negative feedback. Being a good listener is an invaluable tool and never more so than in social media. What are your customers saying about their experience with your brand and your competitors? Listen to what your competitors are saying and also not saying. By listening it gives you the perspective to observe the zeitgeist and adapt your social strategy accordingly.

Step 3: The Power of One

You can’t be all things to all people nor can you accomplish all your goals in one campaign. One message equals one post. Think about this for a moment, you’re asking someone you don’t know to do something or change their behaviour. It’s a big ask, so go gently. Break down your objectives, strategize and be selective. There is plenty of time and space to include your next message and the next.

Step 4: Quantifiable ROI

We don’t expect you to trust us just because we’re nice people… and funny and make great coffee. We measure the success of your campaign against KPI’s, which we set up together. What are your objectives: Conversions, Sign- Ups, Downloads and or Likes? We can measure just how well these are achieved!

Step 5: Joe Soap

We need to know who your target audience is so we can find them online. It’s crucial to understand their demographics, their wants, needs, challenges and interests. We then create a picture in our mind of your client; let’s call him Joe Soap. We speak to him (no we’re not crazy) and before we touch the keyboard we ask ourselves this question, “What would Joe Soap think?”

Step 6: People not Robots

Social media is just that, social. That means real people engaging with other real people. Forgot corporate jargon and wordy slogans because nobody speaks like that. For your social media to succeed your company needs to act like a person, not a corporate entity. It’s important to start thinking about how you can express the human elements of your brand, and speak to, not at, people. From the B2B Market to Teens, people respond on social to the human voice, not corporate waffle.

Step 7: POA (Plan of Action)

We know whom your audience is and what you want to say. Now it’s time to decide where we’re going to say it. A good start is your trusted trio, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. From there we can branch out to more platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat.


Our social media strategy is comprehensive, intelligible and clear. The strategy will take approximately three weeks to produce.

  1. Upon project sign-off we’ll arrange a kick-off discovery meeting to learn more about your audience and goals. We’ll need access to your various analytics tools.
  2. We’ll utilize data to develop the strategy. This all-in- one document will include all of the information you need to move forward with a solid social media campaign.
  3. We’ll finalize the strategy, deliver it to you for review and arrange a follow-up meeting to present the findings and clarify questions you may have. We’ll recommend at this meeting a strategy, budget and timeline
    to develop your SEO campaign so your site generates more daily leads!

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