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Social Media Company in Dubai

Social media marketing can’t replace other digital channels, but it complements them all

Social Media Marketing is all about connections. Connecting the right message with your target audience, connecting the solution to the problem, connecting your business goals with the desired aspirations. VOLT LAB is a specialised social media agency, we’re pros at making connections. As your social media agency, we’ll ascertain your most lucrative target audience. We speak to them (not at them, subtle but big differentiator). We position your product or service as the can’t-live- without solution. The final touches to this perfectly presented package is we make it easy for your customers to engage and buy.

The second phase is to create a strategic plan of attack that is customized for your audience, your industry, and your goals. As a digital agency we never lose sight of the fact that connections are about relationships, in both the cyber and real world. Our relationships with our clients are both a priority and a point of pride. Connecting with our clients is crucial to our understanding of the intricacies of their brand. So, let’s start making connections, and watch your business grow.

Social Media Management Services: Scope of Work

Step 1: Defining Your Product or Service

What’s the big idea? This is where you educate us about your products, your services, and what makes you tick as a company. We need to understand your unique DNA. As your social media company, we listen carefully and work
with you to define the customer experience, from first contact to maintenance
and retention.

Step 2: Understanding Your Market

Where have they gone? When prospective clients vanish into The Bermuda Triangle, there is only one search party who will find them, VOLT LAB. It’s all about re-search & rescue. As your social media company, our job is to work with you to identify the clients and customers who need and want what you have to offer, analyse your competitors, and find the sweet and safe spot where long-term customer relationships grow.

Step 3: Identifying and Engaging Your Target Customers

So what? Now that we know what’s special about you, the matchmaking begins. Winning clients and customers is a courtship process, and we’ve got you covered from first date to walking down the aisle. Like any healthy relationship, it’s a two-way stream. We’ll listen more than we talk, and build trust the old fashioned way through dialogue and evidence-based decisions.

Step 4: Creating Your Social Media Communications and Promotion Strategy

What do you need? There’s a lot of hype and clutter out there. We don’t sell you a canned marketing strategy full of check boxes – we draw on years of experience and a sincere belief in what you do. We create a tailored and
tactical approach to marketing your product or service. Once we’ve built a foundation of facts, we’ll find the perfect communication strategy to reach, engage and persuade your target market.

Step 5: Analytics – Measuring and Assessing Results

Where’s the beef? (Or vegan tofu?) Our work is never done, because social media is alive 24/7. However we pause and smile when we present you with the tangible results of your investment. Whether it’s reach, engagement,
website visits, or the bottom line, we’re confident that VOLT LAB’s social media marketing strategies quite literally pay off. We’ll work with you to set goals and meet them, tweaking plans and tactics along the way.

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