Ramadan Marketing Trends | MENA 2016

//Ramadan Marketing Trends | MENA 2016

Ramadan Marketing Trends | MENA 2016

Your Brand’s Big Break

When last did you watch traditional television? By this we mean a television channel with adverts and set programming? Digital has changed how we consume content that was once the sole property of the small screen.  We can access what we want and when we want it. And that’s what we’re doing! Especially during Ramadan, when things tend to slow down. 

Time spent spending

As people are fasting during the month of Ramadan it is a time when the hectic pace of life slows down. More time is spent online with spending habits peaking. With the growth in online users the question is, why are advertisers still plugging their ad spend on an over-saturated television market? Because it’s familiar territory.

Online & In-touch

Research has shown that not only is it more cost effective to advertise on YouTube but the recall is higher.  Research has also shown that there are three key periods during Ramadan when the audience is most receptive: before, during and after Eid al-Fitr.


People in MENA are now online. It’s important to acknowledge this and shift one’s thinking in terms of how to reach them. Digital is the answer. Digital is cost-effective and delivers results. From travel to soft drinks, from perfumes to luxury motor vehicles, brands have woken up to the power of the month of Ramadan.  Don’t get left behind, read the report and start preparing your Ramadan marketing campaign now for 2018. We have the facts and figures all you have to do is fill in the form below to read & reflect:


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