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Ramadan Marketing Insights | MENA 2017

Ramadan in the Digital Era

Ramadan is the most significant time of the year. Tapping into this window of opportunity is not expedient; on the contrary it’s offering a service. Ramadan marketing insights will help you prepare your digital strategy.

The recipe for success

Internet engagement is high, with recipe searches spiking by 50%. It makes sense if you’re a foodie, own a restaurant or hotel chain to add your ingredients to the YouTube mix.

There are specific times during Ramadan when online users search for content around faith and religion. A song, a movie, even a quote can resonate strongly.  This is a time of meaning, and soul searching and your marketing needs to respect this.  Offering spa treatments and decadent days in the sun are not only inappropriate but could be deemed as insensitive.

Mobile Watch

In MENA Region mobile serves as the biggest screen during Ramadan. People spend more time online than any other period.

TV Time

Ramadan is a wonderful time for the family, but it’s also a time when adults need a reprise.  Animated movies see a spike during Ramadan; they keep kids happy and give mom a break. There is also a rise in adult TV dramas.

Beauty and the East

Ramadan is a time of inner beauty and is reflected in the care that women take in their appearance and dress. Content can explore this link.

Travel & Hotels

In 2016 there was approximately 1200 travel and hotel searches in the UAE one week around Eid.  The same patterns are sure to repeat themselves year-on-year.

How to plan the perfect Ramadan Marketing Campaign for 2018?

By planning ahead you naturally find yourself in a superior position to your competitors. How you do it is by gaining an in-depth understanding into trends during Ramadan. 

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