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Creating more Value from Mobile Advertising

Today’s customer is constantly connected and it’s critical to take a focused, data driven approach to get the most from mobile advertising. At VOLT LAB, we follow a 3-step approach:

  1. Measure the full Value of Mobile. Mobile users interact with your ads and website in different ways than they do on desktops. We constantly adjust measurements to capture this behaviour and to maximize the full value of mobile.
  2. Improve mobile user experience. Mobile users click, browse and manifest different purchase behaviour than desktop users. We evaluate how mobile users engage with your site and build an experience that facilitates conversions.
  3. Better invest through the right mBid. Mobile and desktop contribute different value in each campaign. We adjust your mBid based on this data, for the most successful campaigns. ( mBid is your Universally Unique Identifier)

Move from strategy to action

Where does your brand sit on the path to mobile mastery? How can you advance and drive more value from mobile marketing?

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Measure the full value of mobile advertising 

We adapt how we measure mobile to gain the data you need to drive value. Mobile has introduced new and valuable actions that enable customers to perform a myriad of tasks. Amongst the many features offered uses can now
download apps, visit stalls, and make calls via the Internet. We measure these actions to see the full value of mobile, which empower us to make better budget decisions.

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Today’s Path to Purchase looks more like a flight path than a straight line from search to conversion. When adapting measurement for mobile, it’s critical to ask how valuable calls, app downloads, store visits and cross device conversions are for your business.

  • Do they vary in value?
  • Do they vary in success rate?
  • What mobile actions do you want customers to take?

We use the data generated by these conversions to adjust how we bid for mobile and capture the full value of mobile.

Improve mobile user experience

Today’s customer is constantly connected via mobile. It’s imperative that it’s easy for them to find the information they need and engage with your mobile site.

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Mobile users want to find the information they need, quickly and easily. This may be a store locator, a phone number or a way to buy. Improving their experience can increase the valuable actions they take. Creating a better mobile site will impact conversion. It’s quite simple; the more information you provide will help customers get in touch with you. We use these resources to build a better mobile experience.

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Better invest through the right mBid

Mobile and desktop contribute different value to each campaign. To ensure optimum success for each project we adjust your mBid based on this data. Increasing or decreasing the role mobile plays for each campaign allows
you to capitalize on success and reduce waste. We never apply a one-size fits all approach to your campaign, that’s just a euphemistic term for sloppy work. We are incisive, highly selective and painstakingly prepared.

We use conversion data to assess which channel drives more value and set your mobile bid based on the value mobile generates. We calculate this equation by dividing your mobile conversion rate by your desktop conversion rate. While mobile devices fit into your pocket, mobile advertising will benefit your pocket!