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MENA Travel Marketing: Digital Travel Insights

Digital & Travel – Hook & Book

The not-so accidental tourist

As a specialised travel marketing agency we know that your future client spends approximately five hours a day online. And we want you to know that too! Not surprisingly 40% of that time is spent on a mobile. Think about the pockets of time you have free, chances are you’re on your mobile. (Where are you reading this blog?)

MENA Travel Insights

Let’s look at the Middle East in particular. Out of a population of 9 million people, 90% use the internet. 9% of purchases are made online with 91% of people using their smartphones. As travel advertisers you’re looking for the ticket that taps into this market. The next time you are at flight arrivals look around and see the signs people hold up, usually with the passenger’s’ name on it! There is always one sign that stands out. Perhaps it’s tied to red helium balloons! You want your online presence to be attached to those balloons.

Online Helium Balloons: Youtube,  Light Apps & Chatbot

YouTube delivers a higher ROI than TV in 8 out of 10 cases. Whether customers are buying online or offline YouTube plays a significant role in their decision making. Single-purpose Apps have seen the light – with Light Apps. This is a condensed website specifically for mobiles. When you order breakfast you don’t want the lunch and dinner menu as well, right? Likewise a Light App is  great for serving your audience what they want! How do you ask a question online? The answer is a Chatbot. A programme that uses computer software to engage with the customer around simple tasks.

Flight Behaviour

Behavioural patterns can be traced before a flight is booked. At VOLT LAB, a Dubai based travel marketing agency, we have fascinating insights into these patterns. Our marketing strategy for digital travel trends is your business class ticket to understanding your passengers. To understand how you can maximize your digital presence download our Full Report below:


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