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Marketing Research in the online world

Moving the Brand Metrics that Matter

 Switch off your WiFi for a day and you may feel as if your oxygen supply has been cut off. Digital devices have almost become a bodily appendage. As our digital experience grows, brands are turning to digital to reach their audience and build brand equity. Yet, measuring the impact of a brand campaigns in the digital arena is still a challenge. There is a dire lack of reputable online marketing research tools.
  • Many brand campaigns are still measured by proxy metrics clicks and conversions. This is not an effective way to understand the impact on brand equity.
  • Results are slow and after the fact making it difficult to learn and improve effectiveness quickly.
  • Only 50% of marketers consider their current brand measurement metrics effective.
  • The impact on marketing
  • How does a BLS work?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the measurement metrics?
  • Actionable results
It’s imperative to understand the impact of brand advertising and make adjustments to maximize effectiveness, which you can just weeks into your campaign. This allows you to be nimble and tweak elements of your campaign
that aren’t working.
What is a Brand Lift Survey and how does it impact marketing your brand?

Brand lift measures your brand’s campaign, moment to moment from the initial impression to conversions.

Brand lift is a Google marketing research tool which measures the direct impact your YouTube ads are having on perceptions and behaviours of users, including lifts in brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favourability, purchase intent, and brand interest. Brand Lift lets you measure the metrics that matter with results you can trust to improve effectiveness mid-flight.

Brand Lift can be used for:

  • Creative Testing: Test one or multiple creative executions and see how they perform in a real-life environment
  • Tracking Campaigns’ Brand Impact: Obtain detailed data on campaign performance and optimize your campaigns performance mid-flight

How does a Brand Lift Survey work?

Consumers are split into two groups. One group, called the exposed group, will see your creative. The other group, the hold-back or control group will not see your creative. These groups are surveyed through an in-stream placement within the YouTube player on Brand Metrics. Results measure the exposed group versus the control group (specific to each metric) to see if any lift is produced by the creative. This is done in a live marketing campaign and not in a lab environment and users are free to respond, or not, to each Brand Lift Survey. In short, did your creative cause people to act?

How much does a Brand Lift Survey cost?

A Brand Lift Survey is free for all YouTube campaigns that reach a minimum daily spend limit and within the minimum seven-day campaign duration. These are necessary to ensure that enough responses are collected for a
significant Brand Lift Survey. Thresholds depend on the specific metrics involved and the country of placement. Please contact us to find out the current thresholds.

How can I activate Brand Lift Survey marketing research in a campaign? 

While global Google teams can advise us on optimal marketing research study strategy and objectives, the set up and execution of Brand Lift surveys are managed by our local Google teams along with the VOLT LAB team. Here is the topline process:

  • Brand has 1 or more videos (already on YouTube as public or unlisted) to be tested / used for media.
  • Brand (global or local) establishes budget and decides which metrics to test (usually 3: ad recall, brand awareness and consideration; 1 Brand Lift Survey per creative is necessary to have detailed data).
  • For local briefs VOLT LAB uses a specific template to make sure that the Brand Lift Survey is set up correctly.
  • VOLT LAB uses the template to align execution with the local Google team.
  • Google team sets up the Brand Lift Survey, (Note: campaign should not go live before setting up BLS).
  • Campaign starts and Brand Lift Survey starts collecting responses
  • Brand Lift studies typically get results in 7-10 days after the launch.
  • The local Google team will provide a report on results. For multi-market campaigns / creative testing, a full analysis by central teams can be requested.

Brand Lift Survey Marketing Research Methodology

Google Brand Lift Surveys are a measurement tool to measure ad’s effectiveness and compare different creatives among each other. Brand Lift Surveys consists of simple surveys served as pre-roll on YouTube to both people who have been exposed to a creative and to a randomized control group. The difference in response between the exposed and control groups allow us to quantify the ‘lift’ (i.e. impact) of the creative itself.

The following are the 5 metrics which can be measured with Brand Lift Survey

  1. Ad Recall: The extent to which an ad is remembered regarding a brand, product or service class. (Q: Which of the following have you seen online video advertising for recently?)
  2. Brand Awareness: The extent to which consumers are familiar with a particular brand of goods or services (Q: Which of the following have you heard of?)
  3. Consideration: Considering a brand/product as part of the set of brands that consumers evaluate when making a purchase decision. (Q: Which of these brands would you consider purchasing?)
  4. Favourability: A measure of a respondent’s overall (positive) opinion about a brand. (Q: Which of the following brands do you have a positive opinion of?)
  5. Purchase Intent: Are users intent on purchasing my product after ad exposure? (Q: Next time you have to choose from the following, which one are you most likely to select?)

Actionable Results

Near-real time results allow you to improve ad effectiveness as your campaign is flighted. Below are some of the quantifiable take-outs. The great news is that your Brand Lift Survey will answer these questions.

  1. Age/Gender: What age and gender showed the highest lift in brand awareness?
  2. Frequency: What frequency was enough to drive lift in ad recall?
  3. Viewers versus Skippers: Was the ad impactful, even on those who skip?
  4. Creative: Did a short or lengthy brand creative impact results?
  5. Targeting: Did the campaign generate a higher impact on those who watched videos on the client’s YouTube channel or sport videos on YouTube?
  6. Geo: Which area showed the strongest lift in brand interest?

Next Steps:

1.Pick an initiative and plan your campaign.
2.Define measurement goals up front examples of questions Brand Lift might help answer:

  • Is my message driving higher brand awareness among ages 18–34 or 35–54?
  • What is the optimal reach and frequency to maximize ad recall lift?
  • Is my creative message effective among my female or male target audience?
  • Can I improve my creative approach for my next campaign?

3.We’ll measure each campaign flight so we can apply learnings along the way
4. We’ll share our first Brand Lift report as early as seven days into the campaign.

Marketers understand digital is key but only half of marketers consider their current brand measurement metrics effective. Many brand campaigns are still measured by proxy metrics. Clicks and conversions are not effective when understanding attitudinal shifts. Brand Lift Surveys are accurate, quantifiable and essential to your brand’s success.