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The Marketing Trend That Is Influencing The Future

Influencer marketing is the new trend that will forever change the industry. Consumers are no longer looking at companies for purchasing advice. In the age of social media, most of the information that a consumer collects before making a purchasing decision comes from other consumers. Influencer marketing has always existed, but the rise of social media is leading many experts to believe that it is the next big trend.

The Future of Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing has already made an impact on the industry (according to 2017 study by Linqia, 86% of marketers used social media influencers in 2016 and 94% of marketers found it to be effective), its use is only expected to grow. The study also shows that half of marketers plan to increase their budget for influencer marketing.

Brands are also utilizing influencer marketing as a way of gaining trust with consumers. Since this form of marketing works through influential individuals broadcasting their successes with a product to their fans, the authentic stories that are told are likely to increase a consumer’s opinion of a brand.


A new trend that is arising in influencer marketing is the use of micro-influencers. A micro-influencer is a social media user that specializes in an interest of their choosing. These users have a smaller fan base than a regular influencer, but their audiences are more likely to interact with the content that they produce. More interaction leads to more engagement with the product and a better chance at a sales conversion.

Why Should You Use Influencers?

Influencer marketing is powerful. This form of marketing inspires word of mouth advertising, which according to Mckinsey is fifty times more likely to lead to a sale than lower forms of marketing. The same study suggests that customers as a result of word of mouth marketing have a 37% higher retention rate. Influencer marketing is a proven marketing method that will increase sales.

Consumers are no longer paying attention to traditional forms of marketing. Only 14% of consumers can recall what the last advertisement they saw was about. Other businesses have noticed this trend, which is why according to Adweek 70% of marketers are increasing their spending on different forms of social media advertisements. Influencer marketing is nearing the point where it not only helps put you ahead; it also prevents you from falling behind your competition.

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