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Hey, we’re a digital agency VOLT LAB & we make beautiful things!

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real estate building


We keep up with local news, get to know your community, your competitors and the aspirations of your potential customers. Residential or retail, a home or an investment, we know where, how and with what to market your property. We have years of experience in real estate branding and lead generation campaigns, working with world’s leading real estate consultancy firms and developrs. So if you are looking for a digital agency specialised in real estate, look no further and let us help you!

hospitality bell


From the glorious beaches of Malaysia to Downtown Dubai, the hospitality industry offers people want they want most: A holiday. However there are thousands of hotels and resorts doing the exact same thing, so your offering has to be different: Short of physically sending out bottled seawater, we make your offer sound tantalizing and tangible. Our process is threefold: Feel. Want. Act. With over 10 years of experience in travel industry, we may be THE digital agency for you!

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fitness runner


You may grumble at 5:30am in the morning but your heart will thank you. To promote the fitness industry we have an insight into both target markets: The super fit and the couch potatoes. The latter you empathize with and encourage, the former you entice by flashing Olympian hoops. From exclusive Male Gyms to Ladies’ Clubs we are super agile at promoting fitness.



As Google Partners, Volt Lab is at the forefront of both acquiring and sharing knowledge. Akvile is a dedicated digital trainer at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management. Our philosophy is based on the proverb,“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”.



The digital challenge is to create a touchy, feely experience without the scent of perfume or touch of cashmere. Our solution is to launch a theatrical production with strong images, gripping copy and engaging video. As with any show we market it to the correct audience. In the digital landscape it’s called placement.  “Mmm just had a whiff of my favorite perfume, where’s my wallet?”