10 Fundamentals of a Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy

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Fundamentals of a Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy Creative YouTube Advertising Strategy: Some of the most creative people in the world are on YouTube. They often build such loyal supporters because of a creative show or series idea that catapulted them to success. It can be tough to predict, but there are certain fundamentals that we’ve identified [...]

Why Your Brand Should Be Doing Video Marketing?

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Video Marketing with YouTube Ads Large businesses nowadays realise the importance of video marketing and are running YouTube Ads. As the second largest search engine (after Google), YouTube is also a prime platform for content and brand discoverability. This powerful online tool engages multiple senses. Not surprising that on average  52% of users take action as a result of [...]

YouTube Masthead Technical Specifications

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YouTube Masthead Cross Screen (Desktop Video + Mobile Video) Technical Requirements When planning your YouTube Masthead campaign, you will have to submit the complete and final creative assets at least 3 days before the launch date, so the YouTube team can review and traffic immediately to avoid any delays on the launch. Technical Information: YouTube Masthead - [...]