Measuring Brand Lift

//Measuring Brand Lift

Measuring Brand Lift

Only Clear Signals Can Drive Action

Brand Lift is a measurement of the direct impact your YouTube ads are having on perceptions and behaviors throughout the consumer journey. Within a matter of days, Brand Lift gives you insights into how your ads are impacting the metrics that matter, including lifts in brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favorability, purchase intent, and brand interest, as measured by organic search activity. You can easily optimize your campaigns mid-flight, based on these near real-time results, broken out by demographics, frequency, and more.

Brand Lift: Simple way to look at results

When there is lift we show you the lift value, where there is no lift… we just say so.

You can visualize why we have no lift from a “statistical” point of view directly in the graphs when looking at the control and exposed bars.








“no lift”?



Brand Lift answers this question:

Can you prove that this campaign caused a positive impact on how the targeted audience relates to the Brand?

“No lift” means that the answer is no.

  • Our spend requirements are designed to ensure Brand Lift will be able to gather enough data to be confident about your campaign measurement. The campaign would have had No Lift even if the client had spent more. When Brand Lift can’t collect enough data to measure the campaign we’ll say “Not enough data” or “Infeasible”.
  • We can’t prove that there’s a positive impact, but that doesn’t mean there’s a negative impact! This is true even if you see a negative number: from a statistical standpoint, our system only evaluates whether there is a positive lift (we run a “one-sided” test), it’s not analyzing the potential negative impact (which would be a “two-sided” test).
  • As with all media (including TV) some metrics are harder to move than others, and some audiences are harder to move than others. It’s NORMAL for campaigns to have no lift on some metrics and on some audiences.


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