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Display Advertising Agency in Dubai

Sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. All the time.

As a digital-first advertising agency we work with Google Display Network, which is the largest display advertising network in the world. This gives us:

  • Access to over 2 million websites
  • 95% desktop reach
  • 7% mobile reach globally.

As an approved Google advertising agency with access to this wide reach we are able to understand different patterns of behaviour. We identify who your highest value audience is and engage with them quickly and frequently. Through sophisticated online advertising targeting tactics, we deliver your brand message to the right consumer at the right time.

Rise of the constantly connected consumer

Your customers are spending time across devices, so why shouldn’t your advertising?

Today’s online shoppers have a remarkable array of choice and flexibility. A number crunch reveals:

  • 5 hours is the average time consumers are online per day
  • 40% of their online time is spent on mobile devices
  • 10 is the number of sites consumers visit before making a purchase
  • ⅔ times transactions start on a mobile device and finish on another

This all translates into billions of signals and data points generated each day, and allow us an in-depth insight into consumer behaviour.

How does the effect your brand? These signals present a huge opportunity for your business to reach customers with messages that are personalized, relevant and useful.

However it does present a double-edge sword. Quick digression, di you know this expression originates from Arabic ?ف ذو حد

The multiple touch-points complicate our once-simple view of the linear purchase process. With multiple touch points it follows that there are multiple factors that influence a purchase. How can you best connect with the right audiences as they actively research and shop across the web? And how can you disrupt the decision-making process and insert your brands into the consideration set – in real-time?

Reaching The Right Audience

Take a deep breath and don’  be intimidated by those zillion touch points. Your goal hasn’t changed. Your goal is still to find your ideal audience, and reach that audience. Nobody calls the internet the World Wide Web anymore, but that’s what it is, and your product has to be a blazing beacon.

VOLT LAB is adept at finding your highest value customers at scale. With tools such as comScore, sifting through 1.7B people globally is all in a day’s work. As an online advertising agency, we have the unique ability to harness these signals to help you find highest value audience at each stage of the purchase journey. Our effective marketing tactics ensure the highest return on your investment. We help you reach these audiences in the right contexts so you can engage with them at the moments that matter.

As a Google approved advertising agency we are committed to helping you harness this opportunity and solve the related challenges.  We offer an end-to-end display advertising solution. This traverses the largest and most diverse network of content on desktop and mobile devices, on web and in apps.

We reach the right users with precise targeting across the funnel.  This enables us to build your brand in a certain demographic or reach users ready-to-buy in your specific category. We provide the targeting tools and the necessary data to help you efficiently expand your marketing across the entire funnel. We help you to create the right ad with engaging and dynamic creative that anticipate the user’s need, your marketing objectives and deliver a message that resonates. To help you move faster we have the superior tools of the trade. This allows for automation and real-time decision. We present you with transparent reporting insights that help you understand what’s working, what’s driving measurable brand recall, measurement beyond last click and where your ads are performing best. Knowledge will always be power and we endeavour to always keep our client’s fully in the know!

With the Google Display Network, you are in control of reaching the perfect users in the perfect place, with the perfect ad and the perfect insights to help your business grow.

Efficient reach across marketing objectives

You can segment and reach your customers at any point in their path to purchase, on any device.

  • 90% is the approximate figure of people that come to your site organically (and via other media) and leave without taking the desired action. This is your highest potential audience and you should strategize a marketing plan to re-engage these customers. You need to know which market sector is easiest to convert and convert them!
  • We will help you re-engage with your existing customers with new messaging. We’ll also use your remarketing tag to find users who look like existing customers or site visitors. In order to do this, we analyse the browsing behaviour of these users to find like-minded audiences. There is a greater likelihood that these users will engage with your message and convert.
  • Once you have maximized the full potential of your own data, Google can offer us additional data to help you reach new qualified prospects at scale using our in-market audiences. These are highly qualified users who are actively intending to buy products and services that you have to offer.
  • And finally, Google offers industry leading contextual targeting with display select keywords, keyword contextual targeting and topic targeting.
  • If your goal is to drive mass awareness at scale we offer affinity audiences which allows you to reach TV-like segments at scale. We also allow you to define your own audience segment with custom affinity audience segments.

Throughout all of these targeting tactics you can use the three dimensions of context, device and location to make any of your marketing more efficient and across all devices.

Key benefits of using Google Display Network

  • Advanced cross-funnel solutions
  • Reach users at every stage of the purchase decision across desktop, mobile web and apps
  • Unparalleled contextual targeting
  • Re-engage with existing customers or find new customers
  • Audience segments customized to verticals with varied conversion cycles and research behaviour e.g. consumer electronics vs. automotives
  • Data
  • Real time data making it always relevant
  • Access to proprietary data
  • No premium fees
  • Data quality managed by dedicated linguists & engineers
  • Efficiency at scale
  • Automated bidding
  • Automated targeting
  • Automated vertical specific creatives
  • Zero waste with viewable impressions
  • Measurement solutions across all objectives
  • 100% transparency on where your ads serve and how they perform
  • Full visibility into all types of conversion data (click, view-throughs, estimated and cross device)
  • 100% control over your campaigns

Automate to maximize profit

VOLT LAB offers several targeting solutions for every online marketing objective which can be quite complex to execute. Our solution is to utilise automated solutions to simplify the process to find the right users at scale, at the most efficient cost. Each impression is unique. We’ll bid more intelligently as we evaluate each additional data point about the user and context. With so many signals – and more importantly – combinations of signals out there, we utilise Google’s full suite of automation tools to maximize ROI. Google evaluates hundreds of millions of signals from across the web in real-time. They process them in milliseconds and calculate the bid that maximizes your ROI. When it comes to keywords or placements – Auto-Targeting automatically explores new targeting options based on your customers’ attributes. Algorithms get better with age – we learn from the outcome of each auction and use the data to bid even more intelligently.

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