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Smarten up your Online Shopping Strategy

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Online Shopping UAE & KSA Shopping Insights People are more connected than ever, with increased access across many devices, especially smartphones. In this report we look into online shopping behaviours in the UAE and KSA markets. The Online & Multiscreen World helps marketers and planners understand when, how and why people use the Internet. The Internet [...]

Snapchat Advertising in the UAE

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Snapchat Advertising Every day over 100 million people all around the world use Snapchat, with over 10 billion videos viewed everyday. The great news for your business is that Snapchat Advertising is now available in the UAE. So what exactly is Snapchat? What are geofilters? Most importantly, how can Snapchat help your business grow? Discover how [...]

Micro-Moments Now: Three New Consumer Behaviours Playing Out in Google Search Data

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Consumer Behaviour Introduction This sign has been spotted on the door of a few doctors: “Don’t say you googled it and I won’t say I studied medicine for seven years!” Mobile has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. We turn to our mobile devices for immediate answers ranging from healthcare to travel bookings. These moments [...]

YouTube Masthead Technical Specifications

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YouTube Masthead Cross Screen (Desktop Video + Mobile Video) Technical Requirements When planning your YouTube Masthead campaign, you will have to submit the complete and final creative assets at least 3 days before the launch date, so the YouTube team can review and traffic immediately to avoid any delays on the launch. Technical Information: YouTube Masthead - [...]

Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile

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INTRODUCTION In bed, on the train or under a beach umbrella, thanks to mobile, micro-moments can happen anywhere and anytime! To have your finger on the micro-moments’ pulse, you need to understand the intricacies.  Google has compiled an in-depth report on mobile’s micro-moments, which we have summarised. As the brand battleground intensifies, your ammunition is that [...]

Mobile Design Principles

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Mobile Design INTRODUCTION Mobile design has become the new black-dress in consumer research and discovery. Smart Phones have revolutionized the online experience. (Yes there was a time in the dark ages where we used dinosaur-sized mobile phones that didn’t even have a text function). How do you ensure that your mobile site will delight and drive [...]