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Ramadan Marketing Insights | MENA 2017

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Ramadan in the Digital Era Ramadan is the most significant time of the year. Tapping into this window of opportunity is not expedient; on the contrary it’s offering a service. Ramadan marketing insights will help you prepare your digital strategy. The recipe for success Internet engagement is high, with recipe searches spiking by 50%. It makes [...]

Ramadan Marketing Trends | MENA 2016

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Your Brand’s Big Break When last did you watch traditional television? By this we mean a television channel with adverts and set programming? Digital has changed how we consume content that was once the sole property of the small screen.  We can access what we want and when we want it. And that’s what we’re doing! [...]

Travel Marketing: Digital Micro-Moments

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Your Digital Travel Marketing Compass Broad strokes are great for painting a large canvas, but not for understanding the nuances of digital behaviour. We zoomed Google's data in to how digital engages with micro-moments in order to better serve our travel marketing clients. A micro-moment is when we reflectively turn to a device to act. Need [...]

MENA Travel Marketing: Digital Travel Insights

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Digital & Travel - Hook & Book The not-so accidental tourist As a specialised travel marketing agency we know that your future client spends approximately five hours a day online. And we want you to know that too! Not surprisingly 40% of that time is spent on a mobile. Think about the pockets of time you [...]